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Gallery Bar opens in English Village

The Gallery Bar, located in Gallery 1930, opened on Oct. 21. The bar serves drinks and seafood appetizers.

A new option is now available for diners seeking cocktails and oysters. Gallery Bar, located at 1930 Cahaba Road and owned by Vino, serves drinks and pre-dinner appetizers.

The spot still serves as Gallery 1930 displaying art during the day. According to a press release by representative Audrey Pannell, Feizal Valli was chosen as the director of cocktail programs at the bar. Valli has worked for Collins Bar, Hot and Hot Fish Club and other downtown Birmingham restaurants. The press release said Gallery Bar will have a standard drink menu and seasonal offerings that change every three months.

The Gallery appetizer menu includes various types of seafood, including four types of oysters, as well as flat bread and fries. Besides cocktails, Gallery offers wine, beer and champagne.

Gallery Bar will be open 4-10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 4-11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Call 870-8404 for more information.

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Cocktail and oyster bar opens in Mountain Brook

Gallery Bar, a new cocktail and oyster bar that offers signature drinks and small-plate appetizers, has opened in Mountain Brook’s English Village.

The bar, which adjoins Vino restaurant at 1930 Cahaba Road, operates as the Gallery 1930 art gallery during the day and transitions into a cocktail lounge at night.

Birmingham restaurateur and Vino owner Al Rabiee is also the proprietor of Gallery Bar, and Feizal Valli, who is also the general manager and principal bartender at The Collins Bar, is the director of cocktail programs.

“We are thrilled to be expanding and to now offer a cocktail and oyster bar in English Village,” Rabiee said. “Our diners will love our larger space and added option for pre-dinner drinks and appetizers. The drinks that Feizal has developed will perfectly complement the culinary atmosphere at Vino.”

Valli has created a cocktail menu that includes specialty drinks such as the Reagan Years (with bourbon, green chartreuse and Regan’s orange bitters), the Woodsman (with Bulleit rye whiskey and ginger liqueur) and the Mississippi Mongoose (with Cathead honey-suckle vodka and Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao), as well as such classics as an Old-Fashioned, a Whiskey Sour and a Pimm’s Cup. All are $9 each, and the specialty cocktails will change with the seasons.

“Gallery Bar is going to be the perfect in-between for customers who want more than a basic cocktail list, but don’t want to venture out to completely inaccessible cocktails,” Valli said. “We really want to provide something for everyone. People can stay in their comfort zone with our familiar cocktails or try new ingredients that are presented in an approachable way.”

Before relocating to Birmingham following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Valli started in the bar business in…

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